Factors that impact the cost of animation

Factors that Impact the Cost of Animation

Nowadays, motion graphics videos are very popular and almost all industries use motion graphics videos in their marketing strategy. Motion Graphics are generally more affordable than live-action videos, they have a faster production process and more creativity can be spent on animation. Considering all these reasons, the question that arises is what’s the cost of making an animation video, and what factors affect the final price?

1. Duration Of Video

Obviously, the length of the video is one of the main causes affecting the price of the project, because a longer video requires spending more time by the production team.

2. Characters

Including characters in your motion design video, can add a human touch and involve the audience’s emotions. But typically character design is time-consuming, and character animation requires complex rigging and animation techniques. In addition to the number of characters, different poses require special design, rigging, and animation. So every character that is added to the video increases the production time.

Motion graphics scene

3. Design and animation style

Some design or animation styles and even sometimes a specific idea might be complicated and requires more time to implement. For example, some designs have too many details and textures. Also in some animation styles, instead of being cut to the next scene, objects and elements are morphing each other, therefore it takes more time to animate by skilled designers and animators.

Character animation with morphing technique

4. Originality

Sometimes the value created by the creative team is what matters and developing a unique art piece is what everyone is looking for and can be pricey.

5. 3D elements

Adding 3D elements can be expensive because it requires modeling, 3D rigging, lighting, texturing, and rendering in addition to all the 2D animation complications.

6. Topic And Subject

After all, your video may be about something complex and the production team will need to do more extensive research on the topic to better understand the topic and also brainstorm ideas over multiple sessions.

Character animation

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