Animation and motion graphics project brief

What to include in an animation project brief?

For ordering a motion graphics video or hiring a freelance motion designer you need to provide some brief information that helps the production team accurately understand your company or marketing needs. So if you want to know what to include in the project brief, this is it

1. Company Information

Includes the company name, company website and social media links, and a summary of your business history or your explanation about your product. Also, if you have a brand identity guide, you can attach it to your brief.

2. Summary Of Project

Accurately describe the video you need and explain what your purpose is, and what would be the length of the video.
what points do you want to highlight in this video as your main message?
Also If parts of the project such as script or voiceover have already been done, attach them to the brief.

3. Deadlines

If you have a specific timeline or deadline in your marketing strategy, or if the video needs to be ready for a certain event or day, make sure to include the dates in your brief.

4. Your Media And Target Audience

Making a video for Instagram users follows a different path than LinkedIn users. You need to specify for the production team who your video audience is and what their characteristics are. And in what media will your video be published?

5. Your Budget

Being transparent about your budget is always the best strategy that you can follow. Agencies or freelancers, by knowing your estimated budget, can provide you with proposals that fit your budget. But if you haven’t set a specific budget for making your video, you can ask them to estimate project costs for you by providing detailed information about the video you need.


Eventually note that freelancers and agencies may ask you for more information, depending that the processes might be different.


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