Vego Vegan App Animation

Introducing Vego, a groundbreaking vegan app designed to foster a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Our animation highlights the app’s key features, such as tailored meal plans, an extensive recipe collection, and a vibrant community of users. The video uses fluid animation and captivating visuals to illustrate how Vego fits effortlessly into daily activities like grocery shopping and meal preparation, making the vegan lifestyle accessible and inspiring users towards positive change.


In creating the animation video for the Vego vegan app, I prioritized clarity, simplicity, and empowering the viewer. My collaboration with the Vego team was instrumental in understanding their vision and values, guiding every facet of the video to align with their brand message.

I initiated the project by drafting a storyboard, pinpointing crucial scenes and transitions. This step was key to visualizing the video’s narrative flow and refining the concept. Next, I developed a visual style that was both captivating and intuitive, employing bright colors and lively animations to mirror the app’s vibrant essence.

Designing Character And Animals

I started by exploring different concepts, ultimately deciding on a character of a sportsman who not only reflects the app’s commitment to health and sustainability but also has a love for animals and a captivating appearance. I dedicated time to sketching and refining this character, experimenting with a variety of shapes, colors, and accessories until I found a design that was visually appealing and aligned with the app’s ethos. The end result is a character that connects with the audience and infuses the Vego app animation video with a distinctive personality.

Style Frames