What are the features of a good promotional animation?

If you are looking to promote your business, an animated video can be a great way to grab your audience’s attention. But, creating a successful animated explainer video can be challenging, especially when it comes to motion graphics and advertising animation portfolios. In this article, we’ll highlight some technical and conceptual aspects to consider when creating a successful animated explainer video for your product, business, or brand.

Technical Considerations:


A good design is crucial to the success of your animation video. Make sure your design includes good composition, professional color combinations, and accurate implementation of styles. Staying up-to-date with current design trends can also help make your video stand out.

Artistic Elements

Incorporating artistic allusions and simple artistic styles can help grab your audience’s attention and make your video stand out.

Professional Animation

A successful animation video requires flawless movement that is meaningful and purposeful. Avoid unnecessary complex movements and focus on what serves the message of your video.

Gif Animation of Lisbon city

Originality And Creativity

Incorporating original design, animation, and concepts can help make your video stand out and keep your audience engaged.

Guiding The Viewer's Eye

Design and animation should work together to guide the viewer’s eye towards the desired point. In a poorly designed animation, the viewer’s focus may be scattered, which could lead to confusion.

Explainer Video Animation

Excellent Sound Design

Sound effects play a critical role in shaping our perception of a video. With the same design and animation, sound effects can transform the tone of your video.

Conceptual Considerations:

Being Engaging

No matter how serious your topic is, adding funny scenes can help your video be more engaging and memorable.

Character dance animation gif

Having A Strategy

A clear strategy for your marketing is essential. Ensure your promotional video aligns with your marketing strategy or plan.

Providing Solution

The video should be tailored to your audience’s needs, not your own. Highlight the real solutions your product or service provides to your potential customers.

Strong Script

A strong script is the backbone of any successful video. It should convey your message to your audience in a short, precise, and engaging way. Work with an animation studio to achieve the best result.

In conclusion, creating a successful animated explainer video requires attention to both technical and conceptual aspects. By incorporating these features into your video, you can create an effective promotional tool that engages and informs your audience. If you’re looking for professional animation services, Contact Us or fill out our Get An Estimate form to learn more about the cost of creating an animation video.


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